Business & Product Strategy Development

What to Build? When it comes to creating and bringing new offerings to the market, far too many companies get it wrong. I believe the path to new product success begins with understanding the signals that reveal which problems buyers want solved and which solutions they will pay for.

What Drives Product Success? The best products are those that solve some kind of problem for the end user, not the company developing the solution. Finding unresolved problems starts outside the office, not in the conference room.

How Do We Know? Success is directly proportional to the clarity of understanding what the target audience wants, not what internal stakeholders “think” they want. Detailed understanding of the real world challenges, priorities and needs should be observed, not assumed.

How Do We Define and Measure Success? Once a compelling problem is identified, the successful end state must be articulated to support the business case, which should include the following criteria: (1) Is the problem we want to solve urgent? (2) Is it pervasive in the market? (3) Are buyers willing to pay to have this problem solved?

Connecting & Communicating with The Target Market: While product development is under way, focus should be on how to create authentic connections with the target audience. The objective is to show the target you have a product worth considering. Today, connections should be bi-directional and they should be focused on what is important to the buyer to hear, not what is important to the organization to say.

These are the principals that guide my new product strategy development process and product launch strategy.


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A Strategic Thinker

“Kevin is a very strategic and creative thinker who is able to gain confidence and trust from key decision makers to implement his ideas. Kevin has been able to forge great relationships with many executives at my company with his thoughts, opinions and ideas within the automotive industry. Kevin’s enthusiasm, drive and leadership will enable him to be successful in any role he may pursue.” November, 2007

Andrew Price, Vice President, R.L.Polk & Co.

“Kevin is an innovative solutions provider. He works hard to build great relationships throughout an organization. The value he creates allows him to quickly become a trusted business advisor. You can rely on Kevin to always place your business interests front and center as he creates win-win solutions to current challenges. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with him again.” March, 2009

Chuck O’Keefe, Associate Dean / National Manager University of Toyota, 
Toyota Motor Sales USA